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Xia Li Claims The Rock to be her Inspiration and Reason for Her Interest in WWE

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Xia Li has finally opened up about her inspirational WWE superstar, Dwayne Johnson who was the main reason for her to build a liking towards the WWE game. As the protector made her debut match on SmackDown a few weeks back, she had a chance to talk about what made her bring to this stage. Recently, she lent a helping hand to Naomi against Natalya, Shayna Baszler, and Sonya Deville. Li proudly presents herself as the first Chinese women to fight inside the WWE ring.

During her talks in the Cu Fleshman of Character Media, Xia revealed about her childhood inspiration and her greatest fan moment. Though she was eager about it, she was never a part of the company.

“I was a fan when I was a child, because my role model is The Rock. I really love him, so that’s how I know about WWE. I never thought I was going to be a part of that (WWE). One day I got the news that WWE was coming to China and having try-outs. I thought, ‘I know I don’t have that experience, but I want to try.’ So, I had a four day try-out in China, and I’m the one who got hired! I moved to America and the WWE performance center to train, practice and be part of the WWE family,” Xia Li explained.

Xia Li Explains her Thoughts on Performing in a Male Dominant Arena

Before her debut match in the SmackDown, Xia Li had been part of NXT and competed alongside MeiYing and Boa called Tian Sha. In the 2017 2018 Mae Young Classic tournaments, she competed.

She was elated and expressed her views when the interviewer asked her how it feels to perform in a male dominated field representing as an Asian woman breaking the stereotype of women being fragile and vulnerable.

“First of all, I know more girls, more women have. I want to prove myself and make my dreams come true. And second of all, there’s my family, my people from my country. They are supporting me and I want to do it. I’m representing my country. Also, I want to show the world who I am, where I’m from,” Xia stated.

Li has not played a blue brand match yet and there is a lot of competition in the SmackDown roster that she is yet to face. It will be challenging and interesting to find her in a ring with either Shayna Baszler or Sasha Banks.