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WWE Veteran Discloses why he Refused to Manage the Miz

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The wrestling veteran manager Kenny Bolin reveals why he refused to manage the Miz in the OVW since the former superstar had a cocky attitude. In the 2000s, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) served as the foremost development arena for wrestling. Bolin, who served in managing several superstars there which includes John Cena, discussed the Miz taking out Edge on the event of the singles game.

During a discussion about the upcoming game, Kenny Bolin shared his experience as an A-lister’s manager in OVW. The star player brought up the reality about the Miz and even disclosed that nobody in OVW thought that he would be featured in several TV shows. Though Bolin was in an attack against managing the Miz, he somehow did it.

“That’s how little a sh*t and (Jim) Cornette gave because we were told he was a star at Big Brother and we said, ‘we don’t give a sh*t, you haven’t done anything here..’ So nobody cared, he came in thinking he was a pretty big deal, nobody gave a sh*t, we didn’t give a sh*t. Me and Cornette especially did not nor did Danny Davis. I didn’t wanna manage him. He had a bit of a big head when he got in. But eventually they put me with him anyway for a short period of time. I have already forgotten how I got out of it, I just didn’t want to manage him,” Bolin added.

Kenny Bolin Talks about the Undertaker Expelling the Miz from Locker Room

Due to his natural villainous gimmick, the Miz has been hailed as one of the best heels of the modern era. When he stepped foot in WWE, no one ever imagined that this icon would last this long in the company. Kenny Bolin told the story again about the Miz being kicked out of the locker room by the Deadman.  

“But hey, look at him, he’s still there, he got up there and the stories I remember the best is how they packed his sh*t and threw it because he thought he was apparently a big deal when he got to WWE and they just threw his sh*t out of the locker room. I think it was the Undertaker, and they made him dressed in the hallway and he got abused and I thought he would run away with his tail between his legs, but to his credit, like Randy Orton who said,’ I am only here for the $750 a week,’ Randy is now done more matches on Monday Night RAW than anybody and the Miz is still there and he can’t be all that far behind I guess.”

In the history of WWE business, the Miz is considered as one of the most decorated superstars. Apart from playing in multi-time championship and main event pay-pay views, he has shared the arena with super icons such as John Cena, Randy Orton, and the Undertaker.