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WWE 2022 Supported for PS4 and PS5 – Fans Excited Max

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In March 2022, the much-awaited WWE 2K game series is about to be released for WWE 2022. In 2020, 2K released an arcade-type game, Battlegrounds. This was however a deviated version from the traditional release which focused mainly on the in-ring product. 2022 will be the year to focus the actions pertaining inside the ring.

As most of us know, there was no release in 2021. The WWE 2020 version that was released in October 2019 had too many bad reviews as the system faced glitches and graphics were poorly implemented. The sales for that quarter also went lower than the previous years.

The famous game publishing company, 2K, took some time from last October 2019 to make sure that the audience experiences a better version of the game. A few major features of this release have already been confirmed including the redesign of the gameplay engine which brings all the characteristics of WWE actions to life.

The much-awaited question’s answer has been released. Yes! WWE will be available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox series X/S. This is the very first time that the WWE game has been released in the NextGen platform by 2k.

However, the former WWE Superstar, Drew McIntyre had few words about the upcoming release and his work on the game.

“I’ve been filming some different stuff for it, filming some liners, doing the scans… I can’t wait to play because I know how hard they’ve been working on it and it’s going to be friggin’ awesome when it comes out.”

New Features and Innovation One can Expect from WWE 2022 Games

As the 2022 WWE games are concerned, there are lots of innovations and features implemented. The features may include gameplay engine redesign, new controls introduced, remarkable graphics, stunning presentations, a new showcase to WWE 2K, MyGM, MyFraction, MyRise, Universe Mode and Creation Suite.

Also, 2K has triggered the audience’s anticipation with regards to the upcoming release and stated that the player will have a different level of experience when they hit the ring. The company also claims that for every kick, dive, and finishing move, one will feel everything as if it is really happening in their living room.

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