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Who’s this Hyderabad-supporting Mystery Girl? – Finally revealed!

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Indian Premier League always gives us something to gossip or ponder about. Be it a new face on or off the field, fans are always interested to gather information on the new person playing or cheering from the stands. Quite often, family or friends accompanying the players become more famous than the players themselves.

They often become a meme material and social media bursts with posts on them. If the information is not fully revealed, the gossip starts flooding and speculations start revolving. Even the girl fans supporting their favourite team are not immune to such activities (read, “RCB girl”!). There has been one such new face doing rounds in the IPL of late. With auction going on, the doubts have further raised about the mystery girl supporting Sunrisers Hyderabad.
Mystery girl – Revealed:The mystery girl who has been supporting Sunrisers Hyderabad in all the matches and was seen in auction was none other than the daughter of SUN Group’s founder Kalanithi Maran. Kalanithi Maran co-owns the franchise of SRH  and that is the reason why his daughter is seen cheering for the Hyderabad team.

Her name is Kaviya Maran and her mother’s name is Kaveri Maran who is the joint Managing Director of SUN TV and is also one of the highest paid business women in India according to the internet. It is said that Kaviya Maran is involved in the SUN Music and other SUN Network owned FM Channels’ work progress. Kaviya is said to have a liking over the game of cricket and that’s why she is seen cheering Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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