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Watch: Donald Trump comes out to The Undertaker’s entrance theme at the Arizona rally

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Since the late 1980s, Donald Trump has had an infrequent involvement with World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. He also had an association with Vince and Linda McMahon. Trump also made his appearance at Wrestlemania XX for a live interview hosted by Jesse Ventura in 2004. 

In the “Battle of Billionaires” that happened in 2007, Trump shaved McMahon’s hair and turned him bald as Trump’s representative wrestler, Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga who was McMahon’s representative wrestler.

At one stage, he also acquired the television program WWE Raw from McMahon and re-sold it back to him immediately for a doubled price. In his presidential tenure, he even appointed Linda McMahon as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

Trump’s recent rally: In Trump’s recent “Save America” rally in Arizona, he got to the stage with THe Undertaker’s entrance theme playing in the background. Stating the obvious, this took everyone by surprise and the video is also trending across all the social media platforms. With this rather clear entrance, it is speculated that Trump could be a big fan of The Undertaker.