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Virat Kohli Controls his Anger in Press Conference after Losing to England

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In the third Test match against England at Headingley, team India was humiliated. It was a brilliant victory for the visitors at the Lord’s. Well, it was not just a game and the Indian team had no answers to their opponents. The Indian team couldn’t cope with their enemies and it was quite evident from the start of the game after Kohli won the toss and chose to bat.

It was a bad start as the team got out for 78 runs on the very first day of the match. Misery continued as the team couldn’t pick up wickets while bowling.

Virat Kohli Loses his Cool Yet Tries to Keep Calm

It was an easy victory for the England team. Virat and co. didn’t have answers for such a poor performance. It was evidently seen during the press conference after the match. Virat tried to look calm and composed and wasn’t the rigid cricketer he was once before.

Similar to Joe Root accepting his mistake on the last Test game, Virat took the blame for himself. He tried to analyze the questions and answer calmly, but the media goes a little extra sometimes.

Fourth Test Match Up Next as Series Tied up for 1-1

The Indian team must forget about the last match and concentrate on the upcoming two fixtures. If the team wastes their time pondering about the mistakes done in the last few games, they might end up losing the series. It’s all in the hands of Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli to cheer the boys and get them back to frame and build competency against England.

After all the troubles undergone by Virat, this is not just a game now. It’s a war! The teams have to prove their worth and win back hearts. It will be an embarrassing moment for both the teams if they lose at this stage.

The Indian fans are hoping that the Indian team will deliver no matter what. Virat will be improvising his batting form as well. During the second innings at Headingley, Virat managed to score some runs. It would be an added advantage if he carries the same in the upcoming games.

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