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The Deadman of WWE reveals why he is “nervous” about This WWE Superstar

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The Survivor Series is expected to be the farewell of Undertaker after 30 years in the WWE. Deadman has given us a lot of conversations during the preparation for the Survivor Series and recently spoke to USA TODAY Entertainment.

During the interview, Undertaker opened up by looking at the WWE brand and how hard it is to be another fan. Deadman also revealed that he continued to have conversations with her while watching wrestling, a kind of criticism of what he had been watching:

It’s hard to be just a straight fan because I want everybody to succeed and to develop to their potential. So I kind of go like ‘that didn’t make sense, don’t do that, why would you do that?’. You’d laugh, you’d actually laugh if there was a camera watching me watch wrestling. I have these conversations, it’s pretty amusing I’m sure.

The Undertaker

Video Added – The Undertaker reveals why he is “nervous” about The Fiend

Undertaker was also asked about ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt and how the character drew from The Deadman’s chracter legacy. Undertaker revealed that he was a big fan of The Fiend’s character but added that he was “nervous” about how WWE going to treat this character in future:

I love his character. I love it but I get nervous because sometimes they wanna over produce things and he has such a good grasp of that character. I just get nervous like… just let it go, just let it simmer, don’t try to throw all the gasoline on that at one time. But yeah, he’s like the new age dark side kind of guy and he’s doing a great job. He really is.

The Undertaker

Undertaker also discussed his views on the issue between Jey Uso and the Roman Reigns, during a similar discussion. Deadman said he is a big fan of the story and believes that both have shown the best of the Roman Reigns while helping and elevating his cousin Jey Uso to a new level.

Source: Sportskeeda Wrestling


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