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Stuart MacGill Claimed to be Kidnapped and Held at Gunpoint in April

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Have you ever heard about any cricketer being kidnapped before? Well, this was quite interesting and shocking news which came to limelight in no time. The former Australian cricketer Stuart MacGill had filed a complaint at the police station for being kidnapped and also was held at the gunpoint by four men who supposedly released the victim after an hour. The incident had happened on 14th April and the Sydney police arrested four men who were relevant to the incident that took place.

Nowadays we hear a lot of distressing and horrifying stories. One that falls in this category is the Australian leg spinner Stuart MacGill’s story. The former cricketer was kidnapped by four men last month. The Daily Mail stated that, ‘MacGill had been working at a nearby Greek restaurant owned by his girlfriend, when a 46-year old man and two other males confronted him near the intersection of Parraween and Winnie Streets.’

Later, he had been driven to Bringelly, which was located at the city’s outskirts and was held at the gunpoint. The kidnappers released him after an hour though he was taken to southwest suburb at Belmore. However, the police have arrested four members who are a group at the age 27, 29, 42, and 46 respectively. The charges are yet to be levied on these criminals. The police believe that the motive behind this kidnap is nothing but money..

“We believe the motive was purely financial, to obtain money from him,” police had reported to press on Wednesday in the Daily mail.

“There are a criminal gang, it was a targeted kidnapping with the motive to take money from him with no ransom.”

Six days after being attacked by the criminals, MacGill had reported the crime to the police on April 20th. However, the Australian leg-spinner who was part of the Test squad from 1998 to 2008 hasn’t openly commented about the matter still in public.

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