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Sanjay Manjrekar Vouches that this Cricketer will be Auctioned for 14 Crores in Upcoming IPL

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Though the second phase of the Indian Premier league has been distressing for few teams, others are elated to enter the playoffs. Also, matches have kick started in UAE.

Fans are awaiting for the joyous moment as two important teams this season have already set foot into the playoffs. Technically, only one spot is left for the playoffs and that’s for the fourth position in the points table. Four teams are at the same point and are battling against each other for the fourth position.

The Kolkata Knight Riders are in a better position than others and have given a tough fight in most of the games played. However, they must win every match in the upcoming schedules to get a spot.

Shah Rukh Khan’s KKR team didn’t start off well in the first leg, however, Eoin Morgan made sure the team picked up the right momentum to sale through the second phase.

The picks of KKR this season have been unique this year with their new recruits. Venkatesh Iyer has been the find of this year. None would have known such a cricketer existed before he played for the KKR. One cannot say this cricketer doesn’t have any experience in first class cricket. He has hardly been featured in 10 fixtures but has been noticed lately due to the KKR jersey.

This MBA graduate has been a surprise bomb who has been showing excellent quality with bat and ball. He has high chances of entering into the squad A of the Indian cricket team.

Sanjay Manjrekar Predicts Venkatesh Iyer Will Be Auctioned for 14 Crores

Cricket critic, Sanjay Manjrekar brings out his opinion about the budding star, Venkatesh Iyer. The mumbaikar predicts that this gem might reach great heights in some time.

Sanjay felt that this player could grasp some massive bids during the mega auction. Since the mega auction is just months away, two news teams will be added to the Indian Premier League.

Manjrekar was reported to say, “I’m thinking 12-14 crores because this is not a kind of a fluke show. I was looking at his first-class numbers and his List A record is outstanding. His average is 47, strikes at 92. Plus, he is a bowler, and in the last match, he has shown that he can bowl the tough overs too. So he is somebody who is going to fetch a very high price.”

“Today, I focused on the way he bats. Very interestingly, he bats a lot on the back foot. Looks to pull the cut. I see him more as a real qualified T20 game-changer than somebody having a couple of good weeks.”

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