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Sachin Tendulkar’s unbelievable bowling talent

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Sachin Tendulkar’s unbelievable bowling talent

Sachin Tendulakar is one of the indispensable names while talking about Cricket. The player also needs no introduction about his contribution and talent in the game. He is regarded as “God of Cricket” owing to all the records that he created and destroyed! He played his debut international match against Pakistan in Karachi at a very young age of 16. His batting legacy continued until his 39th age when he announced retirement from one-day international cricket. Though pressures started pouring in from many directions for his retirement, many cricket fans were upset once he announced his retirement. Generally, a player gathering accolades in one department of the game might not be strong/would not care much about contributing their part in the other formats. But, Tendulakr was quite an exception!

Tendulkar’s bowling calibre:

Sachin, as mentioned earlier, holds a humongous set of records to his name. He has played most tests – 200, most ODIs – 463, and also is the leading run-scorer in both these formats – 15,921 and 18,463 runs respectively. Besides his infamous 100 centuries record, he also is the player who scored most centuries in tests and ODIs – 51 and 49 respectively.

He has been a part of 664 international matches with 34, 394 runs and a staggering 164 half-centuries. That said, Tendulakar was also a good bowler, to whom if proper chance had been served, we could have seen records thriving in the bowling department as well. Initially, Sachin wanted to be a pacer, but he took Denis Lillee’s advice and concentrated on his batting.

Although he drifted his attention to batting, he holds 200 wickets to his name in international cricket. In the 1993 Hero Cup Semi-Final against South Africa, Indian skipper Mohammad Azharuddin brought in Sachin to bowl the final over and he executed his work perfectly. Indian won that specific match. Three years later, during the Titan Cup against Australia, Azharuddin again resorted to Sachin’s help and the “Master Blaster” took Brad Hogg’s wicket and helped India get a 5-run win.

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