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Roman Reigns reveals when he will leave WWE permanently

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Roman Reigns , the current WWE championship holder in SmackDown hinted on some points during a recent interview which indicates his retirement from the sport and also the replacement for himself, he is looking forward to in the WWE”Drew stepped up.

I can’t imagine this being my opening title run. Having to deal with it during a pandemic. Randy Orton’s always been Randy. He’s a little less lethargic and has got a little pep to his step. He is enjoying himself. That’s always been a thing for Randy, if he’s having fun, it translates to his work.

If he’s not having fun, you can definitely see when he is not. It’s funny, he does not care. If he’s not into it, you can see it. But it seems like he is into what he is doing. Someone like Keith Lee, I was with him at Survivor Series this past year. I kind of already knew what was gonna be up with him. I felt him and felt his presence out there, so I have a general idea that he’s legit.

“He further talks about how it has been in the past and hints on his current retirement scenario. When they are really doing their job, that’s when I won’t have to do mine anymore. Just like kinda what John Cena, John said the same thing to me in one of his promos. We ain’t seen him in a while right? We rarely see him, and when he does, it’s just what he does, and he is gone. In order for me to leave, someone has to really come and hold it down.”

He also talks about his predecessor John Cena and sums up two possible contenders to hold on his title Randy Orton and Keith Lee.

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Credit: After The Bell podcast’s Roman Reigns


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