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Roman Reigns crosses Hall of Famer’s WWE milestone; targets Randy Orton next

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Roman Reigns has crossed WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart in terms of combined days as the top titleholder.

Roman Reigns is a three-time WWE Champion and a two-time Universal Champion too. The Tribal Chief is now the most desirable act on WWE TV and has carried the Universal title for more than a year as of now.

Roman Reigns’ five world title reigns amount to an overall total of 651 days as of today. Thus, Reigns is now ahead of WWE legend Bret Hart, whose five WWE titles, Roman Reigns, amount to 650 days as champion.

Roman Reigns' next target is WWE veteran Randy Orton

Roman Reigns now eyes Randy Orton’s record

Randy Orton is a 14-time WWE World Champion, and he has been the company’s leading champion for 806 days. It remains if Roman Reigns manages to topple The Viper to break his remarkable record in WWE. Guessing by Roman Reigns’ current run on SmackDown, it isn’t a time to think that he will end up Randy Orton’s record as well.

Roman Reigns won the Universal title at Payback 2020 by defeating Braun Strowman and The Fiend in the ring. He carried on to put down one big name after another in his quest to stay at the top.

The Head of the Table has defeated the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Brock Lesnar, and Kevin Owens over the past year. He currently has his eyes focused on Brock Lesnar once again. Lesnar failed to defeat Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2021 but has another possibility at his WWE title belt.

On Day 1 in WWE, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will clash again in the ring, with the Universal title on the line. Many WWE Universe believes that Roman Reigns will remain WWE champion until WrestleMania, where a credible opponent will finally dethrone him.