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Roman Reigns against CM Punk is a possible clash on WrestleMania 37

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The former universal champion CM Punk, in a recent Question and Answer session organized by him for his fans on Twitter in the name of #askpunk, a fan questioned Punk on a possible match between him and Roman Reigns, the current universal champion on WrestleMania 37, CM Punk tweeted ‘I would do opening match.

That show is sixty-seven hours long.’ showing his interest in wrestling against Roman Reigns and also taking an indirect jab at the length of the show that has been expanded in the past with pre-match shows.

Another fan who posed an interesting question of asking Punk who was the opponent that he wished to face inside the ring but he never got an opportunity to, he mentioned ‘Snake Man Steve Austin’.

This was also shared by many as a clash between Roman Reigns and Steve Austin would have been a delight to witness inside the ring.

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