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“Roman and I haven’t exactly been friendly” – WWE crew reveals his feelings towards Roman Reigns”

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Adam Pearce, a WWE official, recently spoke out about his working connection with Roman Reigns.

This week, Pearce appeared on WWE’s The Bump, where he discussed working with The Tribal Chief on the blue brand.

Adam Pearce admitted that he and Roman haven’t always gotten along. Pearce remembered going up to Roman last week to tell him about his next challenger, but the current Universal Champion didn’t even glance at him. Pearce has the following to say regarding his friendship with Roman Reigns:

“Over the last year, Roman & I haven’t exactly been friendly, so to speak. He said it when he refused to look at me, we can talk about that. But he said he didn’t care who the challenger was unless it was me. Roman is going to have his hands full with Seth. I think it’s something he didn’t see coming. I went in there to give him the professional courtesy of letting him know so he could wrap his head around it before he saw Seth. He didn’t want that courtesy, and I’m sure I’ll deal with that on SmackDown.”

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