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Rohit Sharma Finishes off his Century in Style with a Huge Six – IND vs ENG

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The Indian batsmen are doing a great job against the English bowlers. KL Rahul has been the only batsman to lose his wicket in the second innings. After his dismissal, Pujara and Rohit took over the game and built a stunning partnership in the middle overs. Both the batsmen seem calm and settled as they may post a huge total on board. During the second innings, Rohit Sharma has managed to hit a hundred. This opener completed his century in style by hitting a massive six. Kohli was seen enjoying the shot from the dressing room. The celebration from the dressing room has been doing rounds on social media.

This century is quite special to Rohit as it is his first Test century away from his hometown, India. Rohit made himself comfortable with the bat that caused trouble to the English bowlers in the middle. Moeen Ali’s delivery paved the way to mark Rohit Sharma’s victorious century. Pujara, on the other hand is being a vital resource at the moment giving tough to the opponents and scoring quick runs alongside Rohit Sharma. Anderson was able to pick only one wicket. Joe Root would be cracking his brains to find a way to demolish this duo.

Virat was all dressed up and ready to pitch into the crease. However, the Indian skipper was happy to see Rohit complete his century in style. Analyzing the current situation, one can expect a sustained batting force from Pujara and Rohit who will manage to stay on field without any loss of wickets on day 3.

Before the partnership became unstoppable, two strong bowlers of England, Ollie Robinson and Anderson were trying hard to destroy this duo from scoring massive runs. Well, Rohit Sharma built an impressive average in this Test series against England. It was an interesting duo that fans didn’t expect and they are already waiting for the final two days which will be a treat to their eyes.

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