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Reason behind Jadeja’s Dismissal despite Neil Wagner Landing his Back foot beyond Crease

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Although the rain disrupted the game for two days, New Zealand defeated India and was crowned as the first World Test Champions. The Kiwis were showered with lots of opportunities on the reserve day to tear apart the Indian team and the bowlers did a good job. In 43 overs played, they managed to pick up 8 wickets giving just 106 runs on the final day. The New Zealand team had a comfortable target to chase (139 runs) and all hails to Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor.

While India was batting, an incident happened which made the fans baffle after Ravindra Jadeja’s dismissal. Neil Wagner aimed on playing only short-pitch deliveries in the second session. Since most of the deliveries by Wagner were by pushing his back foot, the ball slightly got an edge of the bat and was pouched in the hands of the wicketkeeper, BL Watling.

The third umpire wanted to double check if Wagner had crossed the return crease or not. While replaying the video clip, it was noticed that he actually crossed the return crease which made the Indian fans fuming questioning the validation of Jadeja’s dismissal.

What does the Rule State?


According to the rule book, rule number 21.5.1 clearly states that the bowler’s foot must not touch the return crease to claim it a fair delivery. “The bowler’s back foot must land within and not touching the return crease appertaining to his/her stated mode of delivery,” the rule states. Relating the scenario to this rule, Neil Wagner launched his back foot behind the crease and his foot landed beyond which was the issue.

Ravindra Jadeja was called for a wicket and the umpire gave a no-ball call which wasn’t needed. Wagner brought back life to the game for the Kiwis during the second half of the game. His wit to know the batsmen’s weakness made him bowl numerous short deliveries. At the end of the game, he banged 3 wickets while the other pacers kept on trying.

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