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Ranking The Deadman’s 5 greatest WrestleMania matches

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4 – Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 26)

One of the highlights of Undertaker’s career came in 2010 when he offered Shawn Michaels a retirement to remember. The story of the game was very beautiful, including despair, urgency, and other shocking twists.

Finally, the match was signed when HBK decided to put his work on the line. That would have been fine, if it hadn’t been better than last year, but Undertaker suffered a serious leg injury early in the game. And while clearing its smoothness, both were still able to tell an incredible story and put in an attractive competition.

Emotions were running high here, with Michaels fighting for everything he had. However, the Undertaker was very powerful. He looked beaten for a second but, behind Moonsault at the announcement table and Sweet Chin Music in the ring made the most convincing count in Strak history.

In the end, Deadman put down the contemptuous Shawn Michaels with the most terrifying Tombstone Piledriver he had ever seen. Despite its limitations, the big WrestleMania 26 event was still a great match. This sounds like the biggest WrestleMania streak game of Undertaker’s, and that’s it.

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