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Randy Orton Receives Praises from Former Tag Team Champion Chad Gable

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Former WWE champion Chad Gable is astonished at how Randy Orton brings the energy to tolerate his tag team partner Riddle. The Alpha Academy i.e., Gable and Otis was on this week’s WWE the Bump with the opponents Kayla Braxton, Matt Camp, and Ryan Pappolla. The duo expressed their thoughts on having the chance to win the Championship of the RAW tag team from the RK-Bro. Chad Gable also mentioned that he was amazed by the fact that Randy Orton never lost his cool on Riddle during that game. Gable even mocked the way Riddle spoke and asked if the host understood any references that Riddle made on his promos.

“To me, the most amazing part in all of this is Randy. I mean, he’s incredible for so many reasons. But the biggest reason is that he’s able to stand that week after week and listen to Riddle babble on and on incoherently. He doesn’t just crack him on the head. Do you understand these references? All this crap Riddle talks, do you really get it?”

Riddle and Randy Orton Set to Defend RAW Tag Team Champions

After a disastrous week against the Alpha Academy, RK-Bro is set to have work cut out when they defend against Master Gable and Otis.

Riddle constantly wanted to impress the Viper which failed miserably as Otis was able to give a counter on his RKO attack and made it an offense and pin Riddle. It was a terrific win which made the Alpha Academy get back into the picture and set an incredible rematch for RAW along with titles this time.