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R-Truth speaks of his fond memory with Brock Lesnar

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R-Truth is Ronnie Aaron Killings’ ring name, an American professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE.

From 1998 to 2002, he worked for WWF as K-Kwik, where he formed a team with “Road Dogg” Jesse James and won the WWF Hardcore Championship two times. Many years later, in 2008, he again signed with WWE and got introduced to SmackDown with the ring name R-Truth.

In the upcoming years, he won WWE United States Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, and many more. He also holds the record for most reigns at 53. Recently, he spoke about a fond memory of Brock Lesnar.

R-Truth about Brock Lesnar:

Ronnie appeared on a podcast called “Out of Character” with Ryan Satin. He shared a memory about his segment with Brock Lesnar on RAW before Royal Rumble 2020.

He revealed that there was a bet made backstage whether he could make the Beast Incarnate laugh. He said that:

“The thing about that was they didn’t want Brock to know what I was going to say. I said I could make him laugh, but I wanted him to laugh cheerfully. I don’t want him to turn into Brock – Brock out there. I saw Brock starting to hold his laugh in when I went out there. I knew he was going to laugh when I hit the Paul Heyman line because he thought that I was talking about him.”

He also added that Brock visited him backstage after the session and hugged him. 

“When I hit it, and he laughed, I did all I could not laugh. When Brock laughed, I tried my best to hold it in as much as I could. But that was one of my best moments right there. When we got to the back, Brock hugged me, man, and he was like, ‘you’re funny, you’re funny.’ It was a good moment, a good TV segment.”