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Possible spoiler on the WrestleMania schedules for Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar – Reports

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Brock won the WWE Championship the previous night on Day 1, which surprised many fans and spectators. No one expected Brock to be added to the WWE match right before showtime, let alone walk out as the new WWE Champion.

We directed towards a tremendous WrestleMania match.

Brock was in a rivalry with Roman Reigns, and the two looked set to restart their feud to WrestleMania. With Brock now carrying the gold as the new WWE Champion, fans wonder what this means for his rivalry with The Roman.

During the Bryan and Vinny Show, Bryan shared some informed assumptions that the backstage thought is WWE is building towards a champion vs. champion contest between The Beast and The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 38. Yet, he said that this assumption has is not assured currently.

“My presumption [and] I don’t have this 100 percent confirmed. What people have told me they believe is what’s going on here. Here’s the thing with WWE, everybody. When there’s a storyline involving Roman and Brock, the people that know where this is going are Roman, Brock and Vince and probably Paul Heyman and maybe Bruce Prichard. I can talk to 100 people there and 100 of them would tell me, ‘I think this is what’s happening but I don’t know for sure.’ But I think that the idea here is that they are doing champion vs. champion at WrestleMania. Roman would be the SmackDown Champion, Brock would be the Raw Champion. Either a unification match or just champion vs. champion like they do at Survivor Series,” said Bryan Alvarez. (h/t

Brock Lesnar was initially planned to face Roman Reigns at WWE Day 1

The initial match for WWE Day 1 was Lesnar challenging Universal Champion Tribal Chief for his title.

Yet, it was reported hours before the match that Roman had tested corona positive and wouldn’t be able to execute at WWE’s first premium event of 2022.

The WWE then pushed a massive last-minute modification to the line-up and added Brock to the fatal four-way WWE Championship game. Therefore, the main event saw Big E guard the WWE title opposite Seth Rollins, Kevin, Bobby Lashley, and Brock.

After an intense battle, Brock won by pinning Big E and became the new WWE Champion.