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Paul Heyman updates on Brock Lesnar’s return

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Brock Lesnar has not been active in the WWE since handing over his degree to Drew McIntyre in WrestleMania 36. However, Paul Heyman has thrown in the towel that the beast that has become a beast may return to WWE television once the company starts touring live events in July.

In a recent appearance on SportsTalk 790, Heyman was asked directly about Lesnar’s return and replied, “Asking me about Brock Lesnar is a very wise question and I commend you for your efforts,” Heyman said.

“However, it is a vision. Brock Lesnar did what Brock Lesnar wanted to do. If Brock Lesnar wants to return to WWE at this time, this time and place, he will be.

“Maybe, maybe he’s been waiting for live events, and maybe he’ll choose Houston to make that return… or maybe not, because Brock Lesnar will do whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do.”
Heyman is currently working with Roman Reigns, the current WWE Universal Champion. According to Reigns, his Universal title has surpassed Lesnar’s.

“It really put the Universal Championship on the map because when we showed it a few years ago, it was difficult, and the title rule was not what we expected,” he told WWE India.

“There were a lot of injuries and a lot of damage was done about one time Brock Lesnar, who held the longest and most prestigious title… but he didn’t work like some of our hard and dedicated fans. But what I did in the last 30 weeks I think is the second, . “

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