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Once upon a time when the BCCI’s official Twitter account was hacked…

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Whether social media being a boon or a bane is a debate topic that none could draw on a fair result yet. Although, if you ask people now, everyone would have more points to add to the boon side given the knowledge hub it has been during this pandemic time!

People drew valuable information from strangers across various social media platforms and benefited out of it. Also, during these crazier times of staying indoors and not being able to talk fearlessly even to our neighbours, social media has come in handy to keep us sane and safe.

Not to mention, many government rules and policies of late have been released over such platforms owing to the huge amount of traffic that it has. But, there have always been certain downsides to any amount of goodness. BCCI’s official Twitter handle got to experience this negative side of social media once and has since been on alert mode.

Hacking and the message:

Back in 2013, BCCI’s official Twitter account was hacked and a tweet with a link to get Sachin Tendulkar’s personalized digital autograph was posted. This moment was very embarrassing for the BCCI since incidents like these do not happen on a daily basis. Twitter being a trend space for anything out of ordinary, this tweet spread like fire and fans went crazy over it.

The tweet also had a mention of @LethalKiller69 which was anticipated to be the hacker’s friend/acquaintance. However, this incident took place years back and BCCI have since been steering clear of such hacks by keeping their handle safe. The reason to bring this information back again is that this tweet started resurfacing on Twitter a few days back. The exact scenario behind how this post emerged again seems to be bizarre, but this brought back memories of the past. This also urges us to not fall for such clickbaits and keep our personal accounts safe.

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