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Omos sends a message to The Undertaker on Twitter

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On the most recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, The Undertaker lavished him with high praise. RAW Superstar Omos responded.

Earlier this week, The Phenom made a rare visit on the programme. He talked about several things while praising Omos. He even made a comparison between him and Andre the Giant.
Omos caught wind of The Undertaker’s remarks and responded in a tweet. See the tweet that follows:

“Man…I’m lost for words… Just grateful… Thank you @undertaker,” wrote Omos.

The Undertaker appears to be really taken with Omos.

The Phenom praised Omos without any hesitation at all. He emphasised how athletic the giant is for someone his stature. He noted that the two have previously spoken with regard to the rookie’s future a few times.

“There won’t be another Andre but this guy is as close as we’ve come. And that’s a big statement…Omos is special. The big thing for him to know and realize that he’s special and he’s different from everybody else. The average size of the wrestler, in general, is smaller than it was. So here is this guy who is incredibly athletic and incredibly huge. He’s just a big, strong man. It’s important for him to make sure that he protects that. He and I have had a couple of conversations about what he should do and what he shouldn’t do and if things get too heated, call me,” said The Undertaker.

Omos and AJ Styles were joined on-screen by RAW Underground shortly after it was cancelled. Former RAW Tag Team Champions, the two men are still a team on WWE TV.

At Survivor Series 2021, a 25-Man Battle Royal was conducted to mark the 25th anniversary of The Rock’s WWE debut, and Omos emerged victorious. His dominance during the free-for-all led to the elimination of 12 superstars, with Ricochet being the final victim.