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Manish Pandey’s Perfect Throw Paves Way to Super Over – Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

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A tough and thrilling game was played between Karnataka and Bengal as the quarter finals game during the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament. Well, this game was definitely an unexpected one with lots of twists and turns.

After displaying excellent cricket throughout the tournament, the Karnataka team has become a team everyone looks up to. They were dominant throughout the Syed Ali tournament. It was quite impressive to see the team maintain the reputation and play brilliantly.

However, the Bengal team was also getting adapted to the game slowly and has put forth some candid performance. None of us would have expected the team to enter the quarter finals. But this team played an exceptional match against Karnataka.

The Bengal team was lucky enough to win the toss and elected to bowl first. The Bengal captain chose a perfect decision favoring his team as these games are most favorable during a chase. This team holds a good record in chasing big games and was expecting a similar result.

Karnataka didn’t showcase a good batting line. The momentum of the game shifted when they couldn’t score big runs. Popular players like Manish Pandey didn’t play any impressive game when required.

The brilliant bowling of Bengal ceased Karnataka’s batting line restricting them to 144. With the loss of just four wickets, this team reached this target. It was disappointing since the batsmen could only come up with such a low total.

Nail Biting Finish to a Brilliant Game – Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

At the beginning of the innings, Bengal had a balanced start. The Karnataka bowlers didn’t give up so soon and brought a change to the game. Back to back wickets were lost by the Bengal batsmen.

However, the game became a thriller when the Bengal cricket team wanted just 1 run from a ball. Manish Pandey threw a direct hit on the stumps and gave a brilliant run out. This eventually led to the super over. The final over changed everything completely and the game became interesting.

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