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Manish Pandey Invents a New Shot – Pandey Uppercut

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Sachin Tendulkar is a legendary cricketer who is known for his uppercut batting. Well, another cricketer has joined hands with him and has become an expert in uppercuts.

Well, the young cricketer Manish Pandey shocked the audience with a brilliant shot which has become viral in no time. Pressuring the batsman, Karthik Tyagi bowled a perfect delivery which made Pandey invent a new shot in his own style in a match against the Royals.

It would drive the batsman crazy if the target was 221 and consecutive dot balls in the first four balls of the game. The batsman on the striking end would try to get a loophole and somehow get a single. Different batsmen handle this situation differently.

Few might try to get a six or four to compensate for the dot balls or players like KL Rahul will play another dot. But Manish Pandey had other plans. He played a shot which no batsman in world history might have played before which was unique that caught the eyes of the audience.

As Sunrisers Hyderabad didn’t start their counter after 0.4 overs, Karthik bowled a beamer in the fifth delivery. It was totally unexpected that Manish didn’t want to waste it without attempting it. Other players would have got a single or would have struggled to hit. With no time to react, he instantly handled the situation and managed it with his own style.

Till the very last moment, no one would have thought that delivery was something special. The highlight of the delivery was that it went over the head of the keeper. With a brilliant front kick he passed the ball to move for a boundary.

That was their first boundary for the game which came with a twist. Most of the cricketers and cricket critics are still wondering how Manish played this incredible shot. However, they have to come up with a new name for this shot invented by Manish Pandey.

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