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Kurt Angle Compares RAW Superstar and Triple H – Calls them Identical

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During the latest episode of the Kurt Angle podcast show, he drew a comparison between Triple H and Rober Roode which was from TNA’s Final Resolution pay-per-view of 2007. Roode has always been compared with Triple H due their similar characteristics with respect to wrestling performance. During a match between Triple H and Roode in a ting, the former WWE champion felt that they both were moving in parallel.  Angle also felt that both the RAW star and cerebral assassin had similar physiques too. On the Kurt Angle show, the WWE Hall of Famer said the following:

“They are identical in a lot of ways. They move the same way. You know, they are built almost the same way. I think they have a lot of things in common with each other. Without a doubt, you’re right.”

Kurt Angle Anticipated Robert Roode Could Become a Star

Due to his remarkable work in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, Robert Roode was hailed for his incredible achievements and titles over the 12-years run. In the mid 2000, Angle was on top of the star performers of TNA and had a chance to take a closer look at Roode’s potential. He even saw few shades of Arn Anderson in Roode and was pretty confident that he would attain success in the upcoming events for the talent he possessed:

“Yes, I did. I knew right away. He reminded me a lot of Arn Anderson. His mannerisms, the way he carried himself. I knew he was going to be a huge star from the beginning.”

In 2016, Robert Roode was part of WWE and has learnt a habit of winning trophies from then on. Not wasting the glory of the world championship, this player is a former champion of NXT who has been an important and vibrant member of SmackDown and RAW over the past few years.

Currently, Roode is part of a tag team along with Dolph Ziggler, with the name, The Dirty Dawgz, and this team has been giving a tough competition for the other Tag teams.