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Krunal Pandya Exhibits Incredible Sportsmanship after Withdrawing Appeal of KL Rahul’s Dismissal

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IPL has countless reasons for being hailed as one of the special and decorated leagues in the world. This T20 tournament has a huge fan base and has attracted popular players to this auction.

Since this league has diversified players from all over the globe, this cash-rich tournament has become a competitive one. Players have experimented and developed their skills in batting, bowling as well as fielding.

Over the years, players and teams steal the limelight either individually or collectively; however, the sportsmanship spirit has hardly been noticed or remains unnoticed as well. These situations do not happen on a daily basis as such intense situations bring out the real winner. Fans always support these players who exhibit their sportsmanship during the game.

Perhaps, this will be the first time Krunal has impressed his fans with this gesture. Krunal Pandya is known for making it to the headlines for his wrong doing for several years. Cameras have caught his actions for cuss or offensive language with a lot of aggressiveness. That’s why he has earned a lot of haters over the years.

Remarkable Gesture by Krunal Pandya against Punjab Kings

Most of us don’t know the kind side of Krunal Pandya which was noticed in this match. After withdrawing his appeal for KL Rahul’s dismissal, he won the hearts of many. Krunal Pandya bowled an excellent yorker to Chris Gayle on the match between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings. The Universal boss hit it directly down the pitch on KL Rahul. The batsman on the non-striker end fell off out of the crease since the ball hit him. Krunal was swift enough to hit the stumps in the meantime to take his wicket.

Interestingly, he withdrew his review and stopped the umpire then and there. Fans were shocked initially at this decision but however, the cricketer was applauded for the kind gesture. KL Rahul was also quick to give thumbs up to Rohit Sharma for the same.

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