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John Cena saved himself from getting fired by rapping

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Cenation leader and 16-time World Champion John Cena could be one of the company’s biggest symbols, but did you know he was once in danger of being fired? Yes, you heard right. Cena was on the verge of getting an ax in the company, but somehow her rap character saved one of WWE’s most decorated careers.

The 16-time World Champion recently sat down with Buzzfeed, where he revealed that if it were not for his freestyle hit by WWE tourist bus, he would have been shown the exit door by the company. There is no doubt that Cena’s original character was appropriate and uncertain until it became the “Doctor of Thuganomics”. Cena said,

“So I started acting like John Cena, the most depressed, insecure actor you can think of, and I was about to be fired after a year and a half trying to connect with the audience. In what should have been my last trip – when we went overseas we all traveled together – and after the bus, people were traveling. I remember going back and joining, and in front of the bus, the art department was like ‘hey how did you remember all that?’ ”

John Cena also revealed that he explained to an art team about his freestyle rape, which paid huge profits. As a teenager, he was often bullied for his freestyle wrestling, but with the character “Doctor of Thuganomics”, it all came to the forefront of the 16-time World Champion.

John Cena was booked to look like a man working against the Roman Reigns at WWE Summerslam, and after his disgraceful loss, it all seemed to be over for the Cenation Leader in WWE. Yes, he’s back in Hollywood now doing a lot of projects, but that doesn’t mean his acting career is over.

Cena wrote on Twitter after being humiliated by the Roman Reigns in Summerslam that he has finished yet but will be back soon. This performance of John Cena seems to be over, but he will return to a double circle in another category. We will update you accordingly, until then continue reading other WWE news on our website.

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