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John Cena praises Big E for his win

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John Cena congratulates Big E: This WWE news post is related to John Cena. The 16-time world champion & one of Big E’s closest friends, John Cena, has finally responded to winning the previous WWE title.

Cena is known for his mysterious post on Instagram, and after winning the WWE Big E title this week last Monday night Raw, the 16-year-old World Champion shared a photo shoot in which Big E can be seen holding a glass of drink. See the post below,

John Cena and Big E have not been on the same page. Back in the time when Big E was called Big E Langston and was accompanied by Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, he had many arguments with John Cena. Big E responded to Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge back in 2015, but felt shorter.

All these arguments and games were inside the ring but outside, the two men were best friends and used to sit together. They used to have plenty of exercise time together and they were filling up back in the day.

Big E welcomes every part of the WWE Championship right now. It took him 12 years, 12 years long to climb the summit of Mount Rushmore, and now it’s time for him to see the integrity of the most coveted title in the war-torn business.

There are rumors that Big E’s first defense will be for the same person who won the gold medal, namely, Bobby Lashley. The former WWE champion will be looking to get a repeat and the PPV High Rules scheduled for September 26 seem to be the right place for this fight. IBig R vs. The Bobby Lashley WWE Championship seems to be the most likely of the PPV Higher Rules.

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