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John Cena on Ellen show – Opens up about his Instagram account and post on Virat Kohli

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The name John Cena does not need any introduction unless the person concerned has no idea whatsoever about the WWE world. But, in most cases, you don’t even have to be a WWE fan to know about him.

John Cena has been quite a household name to refer to someone fighting vigorously or for some random reasons. Celebrities having social media accounts is quite common and them posting pictures and stories is nothing new!

But, John Cena has a weird habit of posting photos with no context on his Instagram handle and recently on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the WWE star had an opportunity to clarify the reason behind this.

John Cena clarifies that it is his own account:

A lot of times on social media, there could be multiple accounts in the name of celebrities and without a verified symbol, you could end up following a wrong account. In John Cena’s case, even with having a verified symbol, the fans could not wrap their heads around the fact that it was actually his account. This is because of the kind of posts that John Cena/whoever handling his account were posting. His bio says, “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation, Enjoy”.

He does not even post images with captions. It is strange and no one knows why! Recently, on Ellen DeGeneres show, John Cena revealed the reason for his posts. He said that at first WWE had asked him to open up an Instagram account and it felt like a work thing that had to be done. However, he clarified that he was the one who was posting all the pictures. He also said that he admires anyone with “ruthless aggression” and that’s the reason why he likes Virat Kohli and also posted a picture of him on his gram.

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