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Jim Ross Awaits Two Stars to be Clubbed in Hall Of Fame – Claims as Greatest Team Ever in WWE

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Few iconic tag teams have evolved in the history of WWE that have transformed the perception of tagging teams in wrestling.  A special mention to a special group, Jim Ross with the name Hardy Boyz, who have the greatest homegrown tag team in the company.

During the review of Vengeance 2001 in the last episode of ‘Grilling JR,’ he opened up about why Matt and Jeff Hardy formed a terrific tag team together.

“I’ll tell you this. The Hardys are the most, are the greatest team ever developed in WWE. Think about it. Actually, not talking about Arn and Tully or the Dudleys or some of the other great teams that came through there. But they were teams when they got there, a lot of them. And Matt and Jeff came in; they were in their own little homemade wrestling tights that they sewed on their own sewing machine. I think it was their late mom’s. I just love the story, and I love their enthusiasm and their youthful passion. And I don’t think there has ever been a better tag team that was developed in WWE than the Hardys. They wrestled in that independent thing they did in North Carolina. All I’ll say about that is that don’t count. That doesn’t count regarding what we’re talking about,” Jim Ross explained.

Since Matt Hardy and Jeff are no longer associated with WWE, JR awaits to see them being introduced into the Hall of Fame promotions again. Ross believed that the accolade received was well deserved and also addressed the charismatic enigma in the recent WWE release:

“I hope that someday they go in the Hall of fame there. I don’t know how that is going to happen or whether it’s going to work out or Jeff leaving; unfortunately, under some could of whatever it is controversy, I don’t know. But they deserve accolades because WWE has never developed a better tag team, homegrown, than the Hardy Boyz, in my opinion.”

Will the Reunion of Hardy Boyz Happen after Jeff Hardy’s Release?

The unforeseen exit of the Charismatic Enigma has once again paved the way to the Hardy Boyz reunion which is a real dream come true in AEW.

On Matt Hardy’s Twitch stream, Jeff Hardy opened up for the first time and expressed his passion for having an Ultimate Tag team match along with his brother.

For his first public appearance after the release, this former WWE star has already been booked and seems focused to resume his career in 2022.