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Jarvo Shared BTS Video of his Intrusion on the 4th Test Match – IND vs ENG

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By now, one must be familiar with the name, Daniel Jarvis a.k.a Jarvo. This fan has become popular in recent times and has become a frequent visitor to the pitch and intrusion has become his recent hobby.

This all started during the second Test match at the Lords when he came into the ground representing him as an Indian player in the Indian jersey. Well, that continued on the third Test match at the Headingley.

This time he intruded as a batsman and also mocked the Indian batsmen after they were washed out for 78. After this incident, he was banned by the England cricket board. According to this ban, he cannot enter the cricket ground for a lifetime.

One must be thinking that’s the end of Jarvo stories. Well, he had better plans of entering the match at London that happened between India and England. He was hiding for a long time and as he found the perfect moment to intrude, he used the chance. On the second day at the 34th over, Jarvo came inside the ground as a bowler and stormed the pitch like he was bowling.

Well, the Englishmen didn’t attempt to stop Jarvo who came across Jonny Bairstow. One can clearly say that Jarvo was going beyond his limits.

As he was running towards the crease as an act of bowling, he accidentally collided with Jonny which looked funnier. The security guards ran to the pitch but certainly couldn’t stop the incident. This event has involved a huge risk for the players as many could even attempt the same.

The England cricket board couldn’t stop Jarvo from intruding. The ECB has been questioned for the poor handling of the situation. However, Jarvo was arrested by the police officials for trying to assault Jonny Bairstow during the match between India and England. One of the England players, Ollie Pope, was shocked to see the incident repeating again and again.

After intruding on the ground, Jarvo has posted a video behind the scenes at the Oval. This video will be available in his YouTube channel where he was taken by the executive authorities.

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