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Ishan Kishan’s Cute Embarrassment in front of Sachin Tendulkar

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It’s already been ten days since the second leg of IPL 2021 has started. Few teams are exhibiting their best cricketing skills while others are trying to get to the perfect form to win a game.

As a precautionary measure from the third wave of Covid-19, the game was shifted from India to UAE. There were too many restrictions and players were under immense pressure to play the game.

Due to the sudden increase of positive cases, everyone experienced a toughest moment throughout India. However, shifting the game to UAE has been one of the best decisions and the game is going on smoothly till date without any disturbances.

The five-times defending champions of the Indian Premier League are finding to cope up this season. This team has been struggling to get a victory amidst the consecutive failures.

The franchise has been trying things differently to move to the playoffs. In the last match against PBKS, MI won the game, however, it wasn’t a remarkable victory the vintage MI team usually does.

Usually, a dressing room is filled with emotions both happy and sad. In recent times, these videos from the dressing room are loved by the fans as they are hilarious. Recently, Ishan Kishan was found dull after the RCB loss. However, Virat Kohli came to the rescue to cheer the young lad.

Ishan Kishan’s School Boy Moment when he Meets Sachin Tendulkar

Ishan Kishan was having a moment of embarrassment in front of Sachin Tendulkar. The moment he arrived inside the dressing room, he was all decked up with sunglasses, back pack, and air pods on with his cell phone in his hands. Since he was late, he didn’t realize that there was a meeting going on in the dressing room.

Ishan came to his senses late to notice that something was going around. He literally acted like a child by removing his mini backpack, sunglasses, and air pods. The MI players who were around bursted out in a laughing riot. Even Sachin was seen smiling at Ishan. These precious moments bring joy to everyone.

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