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IPL 2021: BCCI considers resuming the tournament again by September

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IPL 2021 commenced on April 9th with the match venues and dates announced much priorly. Last year’s IPL was totally different and one of a kind. Much effort was taken from making sure the players stayed in a bio bubble to conducting the matches in an audience less stadium. There was a virtual audience setup who viewed and cheered for their favourite teams from the other end of the screen.

Though it had a shaky start with prominent players backing out of the tournament due to safety and personal reasons, it is safe to say that the 13th edition of IPL was one great entertainment. Though this year some regulations have been diluted, the increasing number of COVID cases is alarming.

Inspite of players been having made to stay in a secure place and their health being monitored, there were considerable number of people who tested positive earlier. Again, when the tournament is halfway through, two players from KKR tested positive. From then on, things didn’t quite work out the way it was planned.

Suspension of IPL 2021 and Rescheduling possibilities: 

While India kept battling through the second wave of Corona, IPL was happening with all the safety measures in place. Yet, the containment breach alleged to have sprouted from Varun Chakravarthy’s hospital visit spread rapidly among players like a forest fire.

After Varun and Sandeep Warrier tested positive, two players from Sunrisers Hyderabad team also tested positive for COVID-19. Owing to all these, BCCI announced an indefinite suspension of IPL 2021. The board also stated that it would make sure every player reaches home safe and healthy. It is now being said that the board is looking into the September window to finish off the tournament. 29 Off 60 matches of the IPL have already been played and for the other matches, the board is considering the month of September.

A franchise offical told the following to Cricbuzz: “A September window is being considered. By then the England-India series would be over and the foreign player would be ready for the T20 World Cup. That small window is being explored.”

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