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There is always a close connection between Indians and Cricket. We, Indian fans are always delighted to watch the greatest matches played over the period. Our cricketers, evolving from Sunil Gavaskar to Virat Kohli, have played a significant role in bringing up Indian Cricket to its peak. One question which is repeatedly lingering in our minds is “Which Indian Cricketer is the greatest of all- time”.

While most of the cricket critics and fans have their opinions, our former Indian cricket team captain and one of the revolutionary batsmen, Sunil Gavaskar, has finally put his step forward and has chosen his greatest Indian cricketer ever.

If we try to pick one Indian cricketer as the greatest of all- time, we would be in a dilemma as there are plenty of Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Sunil Gavaskar who would fall in this category. Yet Sunil Gavaskar acknowledges Kapil Dev as the best.

“Top of everything would be Kapil Dev, he would be No.1 for me, he is the best. All-time No.1 will always be Kapil Dev” Gavaskar said.

Kapil Dev, the Hariyana Hurricane, came into spotlight on leading the Indian cricket team as the captain in the ODI World Cup 1983 and successfully winning it. Team India defeated the two times world cup champions West Indies in 1983 and marked a perfect launch-pad for budding cricketers.

Gavaskar proclaims that Kapil’s involvement in World Cup 1983 was momentous and he was a game changer.

“He could win the match with the bat and the ball. He would take the wickets and win the match for you. He would score a scorching hundred or quick fire 80-90 and turn the game around. He made an impact with the bat. He made an impact with the ball. Don’t forget all those catches that he took. So, he was a complete cricketer,” Sunil Gavaskar added.

Kapil Dev’s contribution to Indian cricket is stupendous as he has played around 131 Test and 225 ODI matches representing India and has scored around 5248 runs in Tests and 3783 runs in ODI respectively. He has also taken 434 wickets in Test and 253 wickets in ODI.

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Merlin Sudha