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Fielder’s Hilarious Move to Save Boundary – Throws Ball Beyond Boundary Rope

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The fielders play an essential role in cricket. The fate of the game relies on the way fielding is done however the target may be.

During the duration of play, fielders presence of mind has made a huge difference. There are countless instances where the complexity of the game is determined by fielding.

The brilliant efforts by fielders to save a six or four are incredible. Those dive catches during the crucial moments make the game interesting.

Not every cricketer is gifted with the potential to be a good fielder. One such incredible all-rounder who is the perfect example for a fielder is the Indian and Chennai Super Kings player, Ravindra Jadeja.

Jadeja speaks to us through his fielding. He has been an inspiration to many. On the other side, we have seen many scenarios where misfielding has brought a negative vibe to the game.

Basically, fielding is one of the fundamental skills that a player must possess inorder to survive in cricketing. Poor fielding leads to unnecessary runs which might change the game’s path.

Fielder Tries to Save a Boundary

As we all know the importance of fielding and the role played by fielders. A hilarious fielding was witnessed which turned out to be a blunder in the European Cricket series.

During the last over of the innings, the fielder made an effort to stop an unwanted boundary. The commentator was also impressed by that brilliant move.

When S.Ramarao was bowling, P.Jagtap smashed the ball for a boundary. The fielder of the opponent party made an outstanding effort to stop the ball touching the boundary rope.

Drama that Continued

The story didn’t end there. The boundary was stopped by the fielder and all would have thought he saved a few runs for the team.Well, that’s when this hilarious incident happened, shocking the people who watched the match. He tried an underarm throw where the ball flew beyond the boundary rope.

At the end, this is however considered as a boundary. The commentator was involved in a laughing riot and said, “that will make the highlights.”

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