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Fidel Edwards’ Unplayable Delivery – Trending in Twitter

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Some of the best pacers in the world are from West Indies who have predominantly excelled their dominance over these years. One pacer who comes in this list is Fidel Edwards. With his brilliant attacking skills, he has helped the team to win a few games.

Few top batsmen were dismissed by this West Indies fast bowler. Though he was down with injuries and poor performances, he unleashes himself as a beast when he is in form. He has evolved as a forceful cricketer and this kind of aggressiveness is needed in the modern era.

Viral Video of the Unplayable Ball by Fidel Edwards

Fidel has this unique habit of bringing magic to the game. One such magical video is going rounds in the social media. His fiery nature and his ability to tackle an incredible delivery are showcased. An athlete who could easily take wickets with ease is Fidel.

The batsman was clueless and would have not anticipated such an unplayable delivery from the pacer. The batsman’s misery was answered when the stumps fell down.

Here’s the video of Fidel Edwards bowling an unplayable delivery:

This delivery by Fidel would have kindled every youngster watching the video. These kinds of young fast bowlers inspire the budding cricketers to become an essential part of cricket.

Will Fidel Edwards Give a Comeback to the West Indies team in the T20 World Cup?

After eight years of pure hard work, he made it to the West Indies team for a T20 fixture. Probably, he might make it up to the upcoming T20 World cup this year. His contributions to cricket would find a spot in the playing XI. The major problem will be his fitness at the age of 39. Though his fitness is not questioned, the West Indies cricket board must take a decision whether to take him in the team or not.

The team will have few cricketers who will be contenders. The official list from the board is not yet released. Once that is in place, it would be interesting to find if resourceful players like Fidel are in the team or not.

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