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Ex-Champion’s encouraging words about Montez Ford of The Street Profits

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The American professional tag team, The Street Profits, is a team of two – Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. The three-time Tag team champions are currently part of WWE for the Raw brand. They also hold the record of being one of the only two teams to be Tag Team Triple Crown Champions in WWE.

During their first appearance on October 28, 2018, they defeated The Doom Patrol and won the Evolve Tag Team Championship. Their final Evolve appearance was at Evolve 124 where they defeated The Wanted by joining hands with Velveteen Dream. Owing to the 2020 draft, The Street Profits were drafted to the SmackDown brand and according to the 2021 draft, they got drafted to the Raw Brand.

Dawkins about Montez Ford:

At WWE Day 1 against RK-Bro, the Street Profits faced a loss. Though they incurred a loss, Montez Ford put up their best performance and amazed the crowd.

Even though the tag team has seen a lot of success, their time to split ways is imminent. Dawkins hopes that their split will be similar to that of The New Day. In the podcast, Ryan Satin’s Out Of Character, Dawkins said that Ford would perform very well as a singles star. He also added that he believes that Montez could be a potential world champion and he also compared him with The Rock.

 “Yeah, that’d be cool. We haven’t really honestly discussed that. But if it ever happens, that’s what we would hope to happen. We still be boys while we watch each other flourish. I think Tez has the potential to be one of the best. He does have [The] Rock vibes. I agree with everybody that says that he has the potential to hold THE title,” 

He also stated that no matter the future outcomes, he will always support his tag team partner who is a brother for life. However, The Street Profits team will remain intact for a while since their entry into the Royal Rumble match has been announced.