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Eric Bischoff Discloses Why Goldberg was Forced to Drop WCW Championship

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Eric Bischoff had a chat about Goldberg’s performance back in 1999 in WCW during the latest episode of 83 weeks. In that show, Bischoff spoke about why Goldberg dropped off the WCW Championship that helped the company indirectly. Since the audience who viewed the g5ame started decreasing, the company decided for him to lose the game. They took the title of WCW from Goldberg as they lost the momentum with him.

“There’s a reason why we took the belt off Bill. It wasn’t because we were making money hand over fist with him and he was continuing to grow the audience which is really important, it’s what television networks expect you to do. Does anybody think if we were making money hand over fist and were continuing to beat WWE in the ratings the way we had for the previous couple of years or year and half that we would have taken the belt off Bill? We were losing steam on Bill and it was time for a change. It was necessary, but I do think we could have done a much better job particularly in light of his lack of comfort based on his lack of experience,” Eric Bischoff said.

Eric Bischoff Reveals that Hulk Hogan Never Intended to Sabotage Goldberg’s Career in WCW

After these years of unwanted hatred, Eric Bischoff explains that Hulk Hogan never had plans of sabotaging Goldberg’s career in WCW instead he was a great support to Goldberg backstage.

“I know Hulk Hogan was a very big supporter of Bill Goldberg. In fact, one of the reasons why I had such a difficult time with Goldberg was due to the fact that Hulk was in his ear. I knew that Goldberg was special. But he was still new and unsure of himself in some respects. The wrestling business is a treacherous one. It always has been that way. Hulk took Bill under his wing including getting the same attorney, Henry Homes. Once Henry started representing Bill, things got really tricky real fast, and that’s due to Hogan’s influence on Goldberg to help protect him. So this nefarious scheming and planning as it relates to Goldberg to help protect him. So this nefarious scheming and planning as it relates to Goldberg, at least, by Hulk, I don’t think so,” Eric Bischoff added.