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Edge Shares His Potential Run with WWE Championship 

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The most decorated player of WWE, Edge commented about his career plans and explains whether he needs another run with the WWE champion.

This R-rated player is a 11-times world champion and has won laurels in his first run with the company. During the WrestleMania37, He was part of the Universal Championship and Money in the Bank that was not successful.

During his talks with Sports Illustrated, Edge wasn’t sure about his character’s need for the WWE championship. He felt that struggling again for the trophy will be more like a redemptive story just like the film Rocky.

“I can’t say that Edge needs it. When I look at the character, and I look at everything I accomplished with the character, what does one more mean? I don’t know. Is it a cool, redemptive story? This guy had it pulled away from him, and now he’s fighting to get it back. It has a bit of a feel-good, Rocky vibe to it. But if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.”

Edge Focusing on Perfect Matches and Storylines

If you are a WWE fan, you will definitely know about Edge. After his retirement, he was inducted back to the WWE Hall of Fame. Since he is back, he must be prepared to face many new faces inside the ring. The one this Edge is currently concerned in his career is how well his matches and storylines are framed.

 “I came back to do this again. Are my story lines compelling? Do people want to watch them? Am I competing at the same level or better than I was before? That’s my focus. Mentally, I feel like I’m in a way better place in terms of telling stories than I was when I had to retire. That’s really all that matters to me-how good are the matches, how good are the stories.”

The RAW champion is ready to play in the Royal Rumble 2022. He and his wife, Beth Phoenix will compete against the Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag team game.