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Drew McIntyre warns Roman Reigns after re-claiming the championship

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The possibility of Drew McIntyre having a faceoff with Roman Reigns all started when Triple-H insisted on a possible clash between the two in the survivor series as both of them remain as assets to their respective franchises.

And it became true when Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton on the monday night Raw and claiming the championship again. When Drew McIntyre was asked about his victory and reclaiming his championship, he answered ”Every time I hear, ‘Drew McIntyre, WWE Champion,’ it never gets old. It feels like the first time, every time I guess, this is technically the second time I’ve held the title and I feel exactly the same as I did winning it the first time.”

” And the only thing that makes it that much sweeter is defeating Randy Orton after everything we’ve been through, after everything he put me through personally, after everybody attacked for, after taking my title from me at Hell In A Cell, this felt pretty freaking good. I don’t even know the words. It’s hard to find the words, but I’m just feeling really, really good right now.”

This victory of Drew McIntyre not only made him regain championship but also providing him a match against the current universal champion Roman Reigns on the survivor series. When Drew McIntyre was questioned about survivor series on the clash between him and Roman Reigns he said, ” I think I’ve got words for this one” and added “You told me to get a title Roman, I went and got a title see you on sunday”.

Roman Reigns however is not an easy opponent to defeat, one has to wait till sunday to find out the winner as predictions fail amidst the surprises that would happen in the clash between the champions.