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Drew McIntyre challenges Big E and Roman Reigns

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WWE Raw Superstar and former WWE champion Drew McIntyre appeared on the street tonight after Big E defeated Bobby Lashley in the big event last night of his WWE Championship. Drew vowed to challenge Big E for the title by pointing his sword (Angela) from the ramp towards the WWE Champion, who was standing in the ring. The show went off the air with McIntyre and Big E talking to each other.

After the end of the match, Drew McIntyre appeared on Raw Talk and did not hesitate to call the WWE Champion Big E and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Drew revealed that he was making a statement by disrupting Big E.’s victory celebration.

Drew McIntyre is not only focused on regaining the WWE title, but is looking forward to facing the Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship when the opportunity arises. Raw Talk manager, Kevin Patric, asked the Scottish Warrior what if he was drafted for the Blue version of the upcoming WWE Draft? In this case, he replied that he would be coming after the Roman Empire and the Universal Championship.

Drew McIntyre is one of the top draws to WWE today. Since the announcement of the WWE Draft dates, rumors have been circulating that the Scottish Hero may be attending Friday Night Smackdown. These rumors could be fulfilled as there seems to be no Roman Reigns competition for the Blue product now and if Drew moves to the Blue version, he could be one tough challenge for the Roman Reigns. Will this happen? Will Drew move to Smackdown in the next WWE Draft? We will keep you informed.

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