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Does Seth Rollins keep an eye on Roman Reigns?

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Seth Rollins now officially on WWE SmackDown, this former WWE Champion came up with the thoughts on the latest happenings on WWE Watch Along. He also digs the current Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Rollins told his goal to be supreme on the Blue Brand, in order to reach his goal, he has to keep an eye on a certain Tribal Chief.

He says, ” My ultimate goal is to be at the very tip-top of Friday Night SmackDown, and so I would have to have my eyes on the Champion himself, Roman Reigns.

Here is what he said watch Seth Rollins comment at 49:22 in the below video:

Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins

After Seth Rollins’ statement on WWE WATCH ALONG, suddenly WWE fans started to expect Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins match. Rollins and Roman both have very good memories together. Everybody knows the history of the shield, it was broke by Seth Rollins in 2014.

The Shield trio (Roman, Rollins, Jon Moxley) together won prestigious titles in WWE. Jon Moxley went to AEW (All Elite Wrestling) last year, while Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins stay in WWE and now they are the Super Stars of WWE.

Currently, Roman and Rollins both are in the WWE SmackDown, so someday both of them have to fight for pride, so expectations are increasing rapidly. Already fans are started to discuss their fight and they claim it will be the biggest rivalry of the modern era in WWE.