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Charlie Haas’ regret over WWE career

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Former WWE star Charlie Haas recently joined Kurt Angle on his podcast to talk about his WWE career. One of those topics was his last days at the company. Haas enjoyed success at the start of his career as part of Team Angle and part of the World’s Largest Mark Team with Shelton Benjamin. But the darkness of his career did not look so good. In his second and final race, the former tag team champion imitated other champions in his games. Speaking on the Kurt Angle Show, Haas expressed his dissatisfaction with the way his days at the company ended:

“They put all these characters in me and I did it in a way that I would not despise them. I would respect them, do it to the best of my ability. I was not happy with the way it ended, I hated it, I wished my career would go better, I wished I had run for the IC title or the US title. I had no idea who I was, I was lost and I was my worst enemy. ”

Charlie Haas had a tough WWE career. Early in his WWE career, Haas won the team gold within three months of starting his career. But overall, he had an excellent job of promoting. The star first appeared in the blue production with Shelton Benjamin as Team Angle. The World’s Largest Mark Team was Paul Heyman’s “emergency plan” to assist Kurt Angle in defending his title.

However, the group quickly disbanded after the two were registered in different genres. Haas met Rico to win the WWE Tag Team Championship, his last title, as the star was soon released. It was during this time that the athlete experimented with various antics, including the one in which he imitated other stars.