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Brilliant Finish to CPL 2021 – Nail Biting Last Over

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It was yet another brilliant edition of the Caribbean Premier League of 2021. The energy that evolved throughout the game was enormous and the fans were in love with all the action sequences in the tournament. In the end, St Kitts & Nevis Patriots banged the championship trophy. It was a stellar game and fans were curious till the last ball.

Both the teams gave a tough fight till the very end as Saint Lucia Kings couldn’t cope up at the end. There weren’t many differences in both the team’s performance. The final delivery decided the fate of the tournament.

Final Over of CPL 2021 – Viral On Twitter

As it was the finals, there were a lot of expectations for the game. A new champion evolved during the finals. It was the first-ever victory for St Kitts &Nevis Patriots in CPL and it was a delightful game to watch. The opponents, Saint Lucia Kings were fighting till the very end and were drowned with disappointment after losing the game in the final delivery.

Dominic Drake scored quick 48 runs which were very much needed at the moment. He became the star player and fans were in love with the battling line displayed in the finals.

The last over was the highlight of the game. Seven wickets were out and the team was in tremendous pressure to complete the task. Drakes took the responsibility in his hands as he played the game in style. The team required 5 runs off 2 balls as he hit a boundary and took a single in the last ball and won the game.

His guidance paved the team to victory as this team won the CPL trophy for the first time with lots of confidence.

More Details about the Game

In the finals, Saint Lucia Kings batted first and set an achievable target of 160 runs. It’s a decent target for a T20 game. But that was not the scenario that we had in our minds after the battling line was terrific and one of the best in the CPL 2021.

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