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Bobby Lashley talks about his promo moments with Brock Lesnar

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Bobby Lashley talks about his promo moments with Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar holds a lot of achievements to his name and to be able to give a short introduction about him is no simple task.

This former mixed martial artist is a well-known professional wrestler and a football player. Both MMA and wrestling considered, he is the only person to have won the primary heavyweight championships in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, New Japan pro-wrestling, WWE, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

He also holds the record to have ended The Undertaker’s winning streak in Wrestlemania in 2014. He retired from MMA in 2017 when he defeated Mark Hunt in 2016, but his victory was overturned as he tested positive for a banned substance called Clomiphene.

Nevertheless, he has been one of the box office sensations on any given day.

Bobby Lashley details the segment: On the latest Monday night RAW, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley were together for a promo. In WWE’s “After the Bell” interview, Bobby revealed the details of the meet-up with The Beast Incarnate. Brock showcased a different side by pulling Bobby’s leg and cracking funny jokes on WWE TV. He stated “When I was in front of Brock on Monday Night, I was reading him and he was telling a joke.

And he was trying to get in character but every time he would come and we would lock eyes for a little bit, he would stop for a little bit. He would pause and look at me and just let me know, ‘I don’t have a soul”.

Lashley also told me that he has upskilled himself and Bobby also knows that – “Bobby was at Brock’s level a long time ago. I’m at a whole different level right now, and I think Brock knows that. So the same way I was saying I looked at Brock’s eyes, Brock saw that I saw that Brock didn’t have a soul, looking in my eyes, he saw that I enjoyed that. And I think that scared him a little bit”. Lashley and Lesnar are set to encounter each other in singles action on 29th January.