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Ben Stokes’ Reaction to Rohit Sharma Catch Drop

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The India vs England match has caught some attention after the visitors started scoring huge runs in the first innings. Joe Root and company have picked up the pace of the game and are doing well. However, there are three days left to decide the fate of the game. There are quite a few crazy incidents in the game already. One such incident happened when Rohit Sharma dropped a catch and Ben Stokes reaction sums it up.

This was just a casual attempt by the fielder to get the ball. It’s one of the basic catches that any fielder could take. What was Rohit Sharma trying to do? Jos Buttler was the lucky batsman who was fortunate enough to not be dismissed by that easy catch.

Viral Video of Ben Stokes Reaction After Rohit Sharma Dropped the Catch

Due to his lack of fitness, Rohit Sharma wasn’t able to pick up an easy catch. Even a newcomer would pick up such an easy catch. It was quite a surprise for the fans as it was just a sitter. However, we are humans and we are prone to make mistakes.

The video clearly shows how Rohit dropped the catch and fans are trolling him for the same.

Things didn’t turn up the way Team India planned. The hosts were at the verge of giving up and weren’t at their best. Team England on the other hand pulled up a great score and managed to unleash their top score on board after winning the toss and chose to bat.

Dominant England and Team India’s Plan Up Next

So far the game has been in favor of England. At the end of the second day, Joe Root and Ben Stokes pushed the teams total to 555/8. The England team is keen on winning the battle against India and has portrayed a delicious batting side.

At present, Team India is not giving their best with the ball. Fans are expecting few changes on day 3, 4, or 5. Hoping to see more balance in the game in the upcoming fixtures.

If team India wants to make themselves stable, they must bat well in their first innings. They will end up in trouble if they fail to score big. England ‘s bowling side is quite strong. They are ready to attack India and win the cup. 

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