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An old is gold moment from Dhoni’s old Twitter response

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MS Dhoni, besides his terrific leadership and extraordinary finishing, is known for his calm during the storm attitude. It is impossible/very rare to see him expose his feelings while the game is in process. Due to this nature of his, he does not get affected by the trolls thrown at him very easily.

Though the player has many laurels to his name and has excelled at the job given to him, there has always been some or other negative opinion floating around him. As said already, though he does not give it back/respond to such remarks, he once gave it back to a cricket fan who posted a tweet about Dhoni. It is one of the old tweets of Dhoni, but the player’s response was too hilarious not to share.

Dhoni’s batting and mockery:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a complete package. Bating, wicket-keeping, leadership – you name it, the player has done it! However, Dhoni’s batting has always been under great scrutiny for reasons unknown. Although he gives his best and drives the team to the winning edge most of the times, the player’s age and inadequate flow of runs of late has raised a lot of questions.

One side of the fandom supports him and the other side has deemed that his age has started to catch up to him. Setting all these comments aside, Dhoni has made it pretty clear that he is going to be leading the Chennai Super Kings for the upcoming year too and the yellow team’s fans are happy for their “Thala”.

All these speculations on Dhoni’s continuity in the team arose mainly because of CSK’s poor performance in the 2020 IPL, as a result of which the team did not even enter the playoffs and ended up hanging somewhere below in the points table. That said, an old but rare moment of MSD giving back to a troll has caught our eyes. In response to Dhoni’s tweet, a fan had written, “plzzz concentrate on your batting not on twitter”. For this Dhoni had replied, “sir yes sir, any tips sir” – A rather hilarious moment from 2012.


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