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An earthquake struck during the U19 World Cup match between Ireland and Zimbabwe

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Muzamil Sherzad, an Afghanistan-born Ireland pace bowler, demolished Zimbabwe’s batting with a five-wicket haul (5-20), but the players also experienced an earthquake during their Plate semi-final at the Queens Park Oval in Trinidad on Saturday (January 29).

The live images of the game, however, were shown aggressively shaking on the screen during Zimbabwe’s innings’ sixth over. “I believe we are having an earthquake mate,” a broadcaster was heard saying on live shortly after.

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck in Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday morning, according to those on the ground. This was later verified by a local Loopnews website post, which stated: “A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday morning.” The quake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers, according to the UWI Seismic Research Centre around 9:40 am.

“It was probably 15 to 20 seconds of strong shaking,” Andrew Leonard, the on-air analyst at the time, told Cricbuzz on Sunday morning (January 30). “It never felt like the Media Centre was on the verge of collapsing.” It was a feeling of helplessness… like you couldn’t stop the shaking… and no one knew when it would stop. It seemed to be getting hotter, especially in the middle. “It was a little scary, I suppose.”

After his team’s eight-wicket win, Ireland captain Tim Tactor stated in an interview, “We didn’t know anything happened.” “We were on the grass, so it probably did not translate to us.” It was 5.2, which was quite big, but we didn’t hear anything during the game.”

“The support staff/coaches at the pavilion couldn’t believe the game was still going on!” “And the tremors worried them a lot,” Leonard explained. “They were on the far side of the field, in the Brian Lara Pavilion.” It wasn’t long before they realized it was an earthquake. The Irish support crew was fully prepared to fight. The shaking was most likely fairly strong, even though it only lasted approximately 20 seconds.”

The following is an excerpt from a news release issued by Ireland Cricket concerning the match:

Sherzad, though, wasn’t the only thing that struck at the Queens Park Oval today, with a 5.1 magnitude earthquake shaking the ground mid-way through the Zimbabwe innings. The commentary team, that featured Irishman Andrew Leonard, bravely continued commentating with good humour as an assessment was made of any potential damage to the historic ground that has stood on the site since 1896.”

“No harm was done and it was really a strange and crazy moment,” said Leonard. “It was incredibly surreal, that is the best way to describe. I come from that part of the world where we don’t have earthquakes and we do not know what to do when it happens. Our producers and co-commentators seemed much more worried. As I never experienced, I was probably calm on air as I did not really understand what was happening.”