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A Stupendous Catch by Harleen Deol in T20I

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The Indian women’s cricket team has gone on a tour to England. Well, this tour has quite a few exciting schedules of test (01), ODI (03), and T20I (3) fixtures. A historical Test match ended in a draw. However, England has kept a strong foot in the ODI series by winning their first game 2-1.

Due to rains, the first T20I game was disrupted at the County ground in Northampton which disappointed the viewers. The first innings was played despite the rains but ruined the second half. It will be a difficult battle to chase in wet ground.

Amidst this chaos, a star performer was noticed in the game against England. The Chandigarh born, Harleen Deol has awestruck the audience with something we haven’t seen for a very long time. This is definitely a moment to cherish.

A Catch to be Remembered

This incredible incident took place at the 19th over of the innings. The batsman on crease was Jones and the bowler was Shikha Pandey from the Indian team.

Shikha’s delivery was wide but Jones took the chance and tried hitting big. With shout outs of ‘Catch’ from the Indian side, Harleen Deol was right in the position to send Jones back to the crease.

She jumped high to get hold of the ball and soon understood that she was about to lose her balance. In that moment, she made a smart move by throwing the ball in the air again and crossed the rope. As the ball was coming down, she flew inside the boundary line and picked up the catch. It was a delight to watch this remarkable catch and the audience went bonkers.

That one catch changed everything and the Indian team got their confidence eventually. The team took two more wickets in quick intervals gaining power in the game. At the end of 20 overs, England managed to put 177 runs for 7 wickets.

Scriver was quite smart with the bat and the leading run scorer from their team taking 55 runs in just 27 deliveries. Currently, this is the fastest half century from an England batswomen. On the other hand, Harleen Deol smashed the destructive duo and kept a full stop to their batting.

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